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Over 30 years of helping you raising happy and calm babies

with milions of costumers a year, all over the world

BABYCALM Fennel based drops of Hisunit,
effective and safe drops who help milions all over the world!

Introducing: BabyCalm©

BabyCalm, Hisunit’s flagship product, is made out of natural oils: fennel, anise, mint and glycerine. Hisunit has been producing the BabyCalm for the past 30 years. BabyCalm is market leader in Israel and has become a leader in other markets where ever it is distributing in. Millions have used BabyCalm over the years.

BabyCalm is manufactured at our new and modern factory in Ashkelon, Israel, under the strictest standards and in a proper GMP facility. BabyCalm is 'Kosher Mehadrin' and also Kosher for Passover.

BabyCalm comes in 2 formats: regular- 50 ml (good for 100 usages) and economy pack- 100 ml (200 usages).

For more information on becoming a BabyCalm distributor, please contact us:

 Sales Manager Nir Shafrir:  nir@hisunit.com

Phone (direct): +(972) 54 498 4630